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  • How Apple is improving Siri Shortcuts in iOS, iPadOS July 19, 2019
    Apple understands that the greatest benefits technology provides can only be realized when technology becomes accessible and easy-to-use. That’s why the company has taken giant steps to improve Siri Shortcuts in iOS 13.Automation for the people Workflow begat an Apple acquisition which itself begat Siri Shortcuts, and while the original solution had passionate adherents, the […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: Intel’s turnaround is showing strong potential July 19, 2019
    I watched with interest this week an interview with Bob Swan, Intel’s latest CEO by Fortune's Aaron Pressman. Pressman did a reasonable job getting Swan to answer difficult questions and Swan was quickly able to move from being CFO and acting CEO to full CEO. This isn’t such a bad way to get the job […]
  • Help wanted July 19, 2019
    This company has been growing for the past couple of decades by acquiring smaller companies that do similar things. In the process, it acquires a lot of solutions these companies had developed, as well as the solutions’ accompanying code. Of course, the acquiring company has been less keen on retaining all the engineers who wrote […]

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  • Fake videos not threat to courtroom evidence July 1, 2019
    The Washington Post recently reported top AI researchers are “racing to defuse an extraordinary political weapon: computer-generated fake videos that could undermine candidates and mislead voters".
  • Cyber-attacks target operational technology July 1, 2019
    Focus on operational technology security increasing as around 74% of OT organisations come under attack in the past year, finds a new Fortinet report.
  • Social media and intelligence-led surveillance July 1, 2019
    Social media has become a major feature of most people’s lives in the last few years and they can be invaluable as a source of information for companies and security organisations.