Founded in 2004, VantageMDT is a Western Cape based ICT & security company, specialising in control room management and video analytical software including incident management, PSIM software, body cameras and related hardware.

Since its inception, VantageMDT has evolved from an IT hardware supplier into a specialized security solution provider, offering a range of specialised software and hardware. VantageMDT leads the industry in its combination of market leading technology products, project management, quality service and strict time management utilised to ensure unparalleled customer service.  Over the years it has constantly reinvented itself to embrace the latest technological developments and work ethics to serve its customer’s needs. VantageMDT is dedicated to growth by providing customers with comprehensive, innovative and economic security management solutions. 

VantageMDT’s mission is to deliver value through cutting edge technology and embracing long-term and mutually beneficial customer relationships. It achieves this objective through the delivery of security solutions based on quality hardware and software products, specialised services, competitive pricing and unparalleled execution.