Anti-drone Solution

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Anti-drone solution
July 2017
CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products

The Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Ardronis automatic radio-controlled drone identification solution is a solution with specialised capabilities for detecting,  identifying, classifying, direction finding, recording and disrupting the remote control link to a micro-drone. The solution is optimised for countering the threats arising from radio-controlled (RC) micro-drones.

Through successful trials, deployments with key customers, involvement in protecting various important and public events as well as VIPs, R&S Ardronis has proven to be an effective technical approach.

The Ardronis meets the challenge of identifying the direction of operators by finding the direction of active remote controls and micro-drones. Effective countermeasures can be deployed in time to counter and prevent a radio-controlled micro-drone from entering a defined area by disrupting the radio communications link.

The capabilities and key functionalities of Ardronis include identification, direction finding and countermeasures for threats imposed by radio-controlled micro-drones. These functionalities are categorised in four packages: detection, direction, disruption and protection.

Frequency hopping and spread spectrum transmission systems (i.e. FHSS/DSSS) in most modern drones reduces the impact of interference, which makes detection and monitoring a challenge. Ardronis quickly and reliably identifies the emitted radio control links of drones with different FHSS/DSSS transmission systems (e.g. HOTT, FASST, M-Link, DSMX). Video data is normally streamed on ISM bands (i.e. 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz), either Wi-Fi or analogue PAL/NTSC; this will be intercepted and displayed to the operator.

The system can be deployed in various situations, including:

• Airport security.

• Protection of political and public events (i.e. political summit meetings, VIP events, crowded festivals).

• Industrial facilities (i.e. high-tech industries, IP protection companies, private buildings).

• Governmental facilities.

• Critical infrastructures and sensitive sites.

• Protection of sport venues (i.e. stadiums, indoor arenas).

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