Immix PSIM Control Room Software

imageImmix Command Centre (Immix CC) is a situational awareness software platform used by businesses, institutions and agencies to monitor security systems and protect critical assets.

Immix consolidates five technology groups; video, access control, audio, alarms and situational awareness services, creating a single point of management and control. The Immix sphere of control can cover a single location to a complete global corporate footprint.

The Immix architecture and minimal bandwidth requirements make it cost effective, fast to deploy and simple to run, providing a platform to process and manage security events generated from any system or device across the enterprise.

Immix can be deployed on premise using your own hardware and infrastructure and does not require any proprietary hardware.Vantage MDT and SureView Systems have both celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year. Vantage MDT is a South African ICT and Security Solutions company that specializes in hardware and software procurement, sourcing and installation.
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Operational Strenghts

Key Design Objective

The responsibility for corporate security increasingly extends beyond building protection to include securing intellectual property, supply chain management, business process reinforcement, personnel protection and IT assets.
Immix has been designed to deliver situational awareness across this wider spectrum of business needs, enabling security directors to create a set of consistent and enforceable policies and procedures.
Immix provides a single platform allowing security personnel to make decisions based on real time information.immixdesign1

Immix Delivers:

Rapid setup and deployment

Simplicity of operation

Low cost of ownership

Extensive library of off-the-shelf integrations at no extra cost

A platform users can securely access anytime, anywhere

Security Monitoring with Immix

  • Crisis Management happens the least, but is the most important for business continuity, minimizing business risk and protecting brand value.
  • Intelligent Surveillance is all about analysing trends and threats, especially in environments where event monitoring is not appropriate.
  • SureView Systems is a UK and US based company who owns, develops, and supports the Immix product line globally.
  • Our partnership enables South African companies to take advantage of a leading security technology that is revolutionising the industry globally, with the added comfort of knowing that a local company that understands the unique challenges of the South African market is with you every step of the way.
  • Alarm Management & Automation is critical to quick and accurate security response when running a global command centre.
  • Integrations provide the foundation of our system – it provides the interoperability you require in a PSIM


Immix Solves

Immix addresses the issues of running a complex security operation delivering:

  • Signal management & automation
  • Integration
  • Enterprise wide SOC Management
  • Adoption of best practises
  • Actionable situational awareness
  • Report standardisation

International Parnerships

Vantage MDT and SureView Systems have both celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year. Vantage MDT is a South African ICT and Security Solutions company that specializes in hardware and software procurement, sourcing and installation.
SureView Systems is a UK and US based company who owns, develops, and supports the Immix product line globally.
Our partnership enables South African companies to take advantage of a leading security technology that is revolutionising the industry globally, with the added comfort of knowing that a local company that understands the unique challenges of the South African market is with you every step of the way.

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Perspective Incident Management Software


You need to deal with these incidents while they’re happening, and you need to document the who, what, when, and where of these incidents for future reference.




Perspective by PPM is an end-to end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening… and why… so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents.



If you ask a director of security, Perspective is an information management system.
If you ask a dispatcher, it’s a real-time view of active resources.
To a security officer, it’s the fastest way to submit an incident report.
To an investigator, it’s a case management tool.
To an analyst, it’s intelligence that can be cross referenced to spot trends and assess risk.
If you ask a CSO, he might call it a dashboard of performance metrics.

And, if you ask us, we’d say it’s all of the above.





Are you involved at the front-end of an incident as it’s happening? Do you need to coordinate the response, dispatch officers, and issue notifications? Perspective offers automated dispatching together with complete security event documentation, analysis, and reporting. The key to Perspective’s success in your operations center is its open API and the ability to integrate your dispatching and incident tracking systems with everything from access control, to mass notification, to video management.

FOR COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION & CASE MANAGEMENT: Are you tasked with determining why something happened, who’s responsible, and what countermeasures are needed to prevent it from happening again? With easy escalation from incident to investigation and the ability to link related investigations into a case file, Perspective offers comprehensive investigation management, complete with dynamic link analysis.

FOR TRENDING & ANALYSIS: Regardless of your role or the Perspective edition you choose, you can intelligently action and query your security data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics, and you can use your knowledge about what’s happening—and where—to ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems, and resources.




Choose Your Perspective:















The Building Blocks:




The starting point for all four Perspective editions is the Perspective Platform where the software’s core functionality resides. It includes: Interface, Dashboard, Search, Analyze & Report, Mapping, Workflow, Web Portal, iOS App, Data Segregation, System Configuration, and Integration Services.
Designed for consistency, accuracy, and ease of use, Perspective’s intuitive interface lessens the learning curve for new users. Simple navigation is complemented by an adherence to standard incident management processes. The system opens to the dashboard, a user-specific overview that provides a real-time snapshot of current metrics and assignments.
For analysis and reporting, Perspective offers on-the-spot answers, in-depth analytics, pre-configured queries, and custom reports—you can search on any information in your database, and you can present your findings in a number of ways. On top of Perspective’s robust reporting capabilities, records can be displayed in a map, allowing you to visualize activities, incidents, and dispatches by site and location in order to focus on specific areas and spot trends.
Workflow functions behind the scenes to deliver custom alerts and to automate business processes, and Perspective’s iOS app offers in-the-field data capture and retrieval. Bridging the gap between your team and the groups you serve, the web portal offers an open, online communications hub where time-sensitive notices (including BOLOs) can be shared, and incident reports or service requests can be entered.
You control who sees what using Perspective’s unique and powerful business layer to segregate and consolidate your data, and flexible configuration means that you set up the system according to your organization’s terminology, policies, and practices. With its open API, Perspective can share data with a variety of systems and is an essential part of an organization’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) initiatives.



With the Perspective Platform in place, the other four ‘building blocks’ are based on the event types managed by Perspective:


DISPATCHES: Manage a request for service all the way from initiation, to deployment, to response.
ACTIVITIES: Track routine duties and specialized tasks.
INCIDENTS: Document the complete record of events, along with the associated losses, responses, outcomes, and corrective actions.
INVESTIGATIONS & CASES: Launch an investigation, assign investigators, and track investigation metrics.

These five building blocks come together in various combinations to form the Perspective editions: Perspective AIR; Perspective SOC; Perspective ICM; and Perspective EIM.




Perspective offers a total, end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents.

  • Dispatch resources, including officers and agencies.
  • Track activities.
  • Report incidents.
  • Manage investigations.
  • Build cases.
  • Intelligently action and query your data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics.
  • Report incident risk and consequence in a quantitative and visual way to senior management.
  • Ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems, and resources.
  • Use your knowledge about what’s happening—and where—to deploy effective safeguards that reduce incidents and loss.
  • Capture the data you need to make knowledge-based decisions that optimize performance and illustrate the effectiveness of your security operation.
  • Deliver metrics that reveal trends and demonstrate ROI.
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Watch Video

Watch Video

Along Body Cameras

The HD ALONG Body-worn Video Camera System, the Future of Policing & Physical Security. Along a Body Cameras, Video Storage, Intercom and Data Management all in one. Body cameras and digital evidence management solutions are the fastest growing technologies in the Justice and Public Safety space.


Accurate Scene Evidence
Investigations and Monitoring
Sport Activity Video Recording

Product Features


  • HD recording
  • One-click operation
  • IR Night Vision
  • 130 Degree viewing angel
  • Digital Intercom
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • Large-capacity storage 32G/64G/128G
  • Waterproof, Crash Proof, Explosion Proof (IP68)
  • GPS Positioning
  • Data Encryption
  • Real-time Video
  • Feature recognition function
  • Wireless acquisition
  • Mobile Application
  • Background real-time management and control
  • Communication without base station
  • Software included

Main Features

alonglogoConvenient and reliable one-click operation

  • The function of one-click operation,that controls photographing, shooting,recording,transmitting, playbacking and so on, is easy and convenient, ensures
    device enters into the working condition quickly in case of emergency,protecting enforcer's legitimate rights.

High strength shell design

  • Dropping within 3 meters by any angle,product can work as normal which ensures parts and data security.
  • Protection grade as IP68, Professional three-proofing design,water-proof for 3 meters,that guarantee safety of internal electronics, ensures device normal using in harsh
  • Rigorous high-low temperature test make it using at -20°~70° .

Wide Angle Lens design

  • Equipped with imported 130° wide angle lens which effectively ensures undistorted recording. Lens surface has 48 layers vacuum coating,without miscellaneous lights
    interference,improve the permeability of the lens,ensuring high-quality image recording effects.

High-performance long distance auto switch to IR night vision

  • With built-in high quality IR LED that adopt near-far angle design,you can open it auto or manually which ensures character images distinguish within 20 meters in the dark environment.

Large-capacity storage

  • Large capacity memory chip inside support 5~8 hours super-long time recording.

High capacity lithium-ion battery with Super long life

  • Replaceable battery ensures changing at any time,that guarantees super-long life

Standard USB 2.0 interface, WIFI

  • Connecting computer for wireless data uploading and battery Charging.

Built-in GPS, Beidou

  • Support GPS and Beidou System,the accurate positioning make evidence much clear.

Customized Mobile APP and Background management platform

  • Support Android and IOS System.
  • Control device by mobile and realize real-time preview and data download realize real-time video uploading by Mobile networks
  • Background Management Platform support Mobile and stationary devices.
  • Remote video real-time preview,real-time data saving and telecontrol equipment.

Passed the product certification in:

Dubai Police
Australian Federal Police
USA Police


Listed in Certified Procurement Directory of Police Body-Worn Camera in Commonwealth countries.
Reached promotion cooperation intention on“Police Recorder Market in Commonwealth Countries "with IBM/Vodafone & HP

Ardronis Anti-Drone

The ARDRONIS automatic radio-controlled drone identification solution is a comprehensive solution with specialized capabilities for detecting, identifying, classifying, direction finding, recording and disrupting the remote control link to a microdrone. The solution is optimized for countering the threats arising from radio-controlled (RC) microdrones.

ARDRONIS is a reliable approach to effectively detect and monitor drone activity and achieve early warning capability. It meets the challenge of identifying the direction of operators by finding the direction of active remote controls and microdrones. Effective countermeasures can be deployed in time to counter and prevent a radio-controlled microdrone from entering a defined area by disrupting the radiocommunications link.

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Body Scanner

Quick Personnel Security Scanners

The QPS security scanner delivers high-precision and efficient security control while ensuring an unobtrusiveand uncomplicated experience for scanned persons. Itconsists of a flat panel with thousands of transmitters that
emit extremely low-power millimeterwaves in very short succession and just as many receivers that record high resolution 3D information. Persons being scanned stand squarely in front or between the panels as if facing a mirror,
holding their arms slightly away from their bodies. The detection software uses machine trained algorithms to search for conspicuous objects of all material types. The scanner searches for anomalies indicating unusual objects
rather than for certain items, enabling it to discover unknown and new threats. The QPS is designed for implicit privacy. Rather than generating photographic images, it evaluates physical information.
Detected locations of interest are marked on a symbolic body graphic. The QPS poses no health hazard whatsoever. It operates on frequencies similar to those of a vehicle distance warning system. The transmitted power at the scanned
person's location is almost undetectable and several orders of magnitude lower than mobile phone emissions.

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IT & Security Solutions


Cabling - Cat5/Cat6/Fiber
Maintenance and SLA's

Vantage MDT offers a complete solution for companies who want to outsource their ICT & Security procurement process or even just purchase IT hardware, software and security equipment on an ad hoc basis. Since its establishment in 2004, Vantage MDT has built up an extensive partner network of local and international technology providers and innovators. Our sourcing expertise, experience and excellent track record, ensure our clients enjoy the benefits of reduced costs and exceptional lead times provided by a friendly and professional team that is dedicated to excellence at every level. Finance options available at 0% escalation.